No photo description available.It’s with a lot of regret and sadness, we have decided to shut down DITD. It’s been a wonderful six years, we’ve met so many great people and have been amazed at how this sport has changed and grown. We understand there was RF interference this last September and with the new building having its own WiFi we suspect that will be a larger problem. Our location options are limited and we would be very reluctant to change venues “again.” 

Putting together a compilation, here’s what DITD did over the past six years:

Awarded more than $3,600 in prize money (plus the valuable rock trophies)
Gave away app. $9,000 in prizes (retail value)
Spent about $2,200 in food, snacks, BBQ, water, ice, etc.
One ER emergency visit, NOT race related (Imperious, Jonathan Ficklin talking to you)
Introduced night racing or a lot of folks, in fact we think we can say we kind of pioneered that
Never once got rained out or blown away, except for an epic dust storm just as we were cleaning up one Sunday evening
Made one enemy with a certain football coach
Had one fire
Didn’t make any enemies that we know of with GJ Modeleers except for the tree branches and that’s another story
Four years billboard marketing (just about unheard of, right?)

And two years of tractor duty from Farmer Ficklin (see tree branches, above)

Good luck to all of you, it’s been great, hope you all agree.

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